Introducing your little one to a big-kid bed is a big move. And not just because it’s an amazing moment. A big-kid bed usually implies the addition of a pillow, which shouldn’t seem like much.

But it is.

Just like it’s important to choose the right bed sheets for your little one when they’re in early stages,  it’s important to choose the right sort of pillow and kids pillowcase for your little one. When searching  for your little one’s first-ever pillow and kids pillowcase, this is what you need to keep away from:

Pillows that are too big

Cushions ought to be between 12 to 16 inches for small kids. The larger the pillow, the more likely they will be to suffocate or to experience the ill effects of neck and back strain.

Pillows with fillers that might be unsafe:

Pillows that use fillers such as brains or pellets can be choking risks for small kids if harmed or torn. Instead of using a kid’s pillow with these kinds of fillers, instead, consider using a cotton or polyester pillow.

Pillows that are extremely soft or have loose fabric

Delicate pillows may feel extraordinary, but because your little one’s head is smaller than an adult’s it can cause potential suffocation. Instead, use a BabyLove junior pillow or one that has a stiffness to it and doesn’t have a pillowcase that’s long and badly -proportioned.

Feathered or other allergy-irritating pillows:

Padded pillows are considered dangerous to little kids because of their heavy softness, which causes suffocation. Quills can also irritate allergies, which can be harmful to little kids specifically. Opt for using pillows and little one’s pillowcases that are hypoallergenic like cotton fibre. Additionally, using kid’s pillowcases that are not just hypoallergenic but also waterproof can save you cash in the long haul as your little one potty trains.

Moving your little one to their first-ever big-kid bed is a significant moment in their, and your, life. And just like how you took care of their waterproof fitted bed sheets with care when they were a more modest dear baby, so is remember these tips to protect your little one, secure, and sleeping soundly.

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