When to use a baby pillow

Until they’re a year old, your little one should sleep on a flat surface, covered with only a fitted sheet. This implies no pillows, blankets, or other bedding.

However, specialists agree that even after their first birthday celebration, there’s still no compelling reason to acquaint a kid cushion with their crib.

Experts actually recommend delaying until your child’s graduated to a regular bed before providing a pillow. This usually occurs sometime between the ages of a year and 3 years.

Here are few tips to help you select an appropriate pillow for your little one:

We suggest that you pick a flat and a firm pillow for your baby; however, for an older kid, you may choose a pillow similar to the one you’re using.

If your kid is old enough to get a pillow but still sleeps in his crib, you could get a more modest and compact pillow that fits perfectly in the crib.

We suggest using pure cotton covers for your little one’s pillows for they are soft and comfortable for your infant. Also, choose lighter shading covers, so that you can change them often or as soon as they get filthy.

There is no doubt that you need all that is best for your kid,  but when it comes to pillows, use simple and basic ones. Do not purchase pillows with scented stuffing because infants are more prone to allergies.

Try not to use pillows with microbead fillings. This is because if the pillow rips or strips, the beads may drop out and your baby could swallow them too. This could lead to choking risks and other complications.

Refrain from using feather pillows for your little one. Though these pillows are very soft and comfortable, they may lead to allergic reactions in infants.

Clean the pillow routinely. Pillows are often breeding places of infection. Lingering dust, sweat, milk, oil, or clamminess can add to the collection of germs. Wash the pillow according to the care guidelines and guarantee that it is totally dry before use.

How to choose a baby pillow

When the time finally comes, try to avoid cushioned, novelty pillows. Instead, opt for a product designed with babies in mind.

It ought to be more modest in size than a standard adult pillow (think airline pillow), while also being very firm. Furthermore, you can skip the pillowcase to limit the measure of texture on your kid’s bed.

Your little one’s safety and well-being are always the main concern. Remember the tips while shopping for a baby pillow.

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