A guide to safety, ease of use and various features to assist you to pick the right one from the pack. When you’re purchasing a cot for your new arrival, you need to think about safety, ease of usability, size, highlights. You’ll likewise need one that suits your style and budget.

Are there any sharp edges?

Check for any sharp edges or anything sticking out or pointing up that could hit a baby’s head or obstacle on their apparel Snagging. Clothing may not sound serious, however can be upsetting for the kid and in the most pessimistic scenarios, can end in strangulation.

Ease of use

This is really important – any seemingly little irritation can become a major headache for a sleepless parent!

The drop-side ought to be secure and smooth to work and not too heavy for you.

It should be low enough for you to twist easily over into the bed or your back may endure.

It should be impossible for a kid to open, but easy for a grown-up kid to operate – would you be able to open it with one hand?

Ensure the side is essentially 5cm off the floor when brought down or feet will beat against the side or be crushed when it comes down.


Considering they are a cot for a little baby, some cots can be surprisingly big.

Will it be too heavy to lift in case need be?

Really take a look at the components which are fully-assembled cot and how well it will fit into your nursery.

Will it fit through doorways on the off chance that you need to move it to another room?

You may likewise need space for different things, similar to a changing table or a seat for taking care of.
Our expert testers review many cots to see which ones meet safety standards.

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