A crib will be your little ones first bed but they will rapidly outgrow it! When they are too big or can pull themselves up or move, it is time for a cot, where your infant will sleep for around two years or more. It should be strong and sturdy and stick to the latest safety standards.

Here we help you pick the perfect cot for your newborn…


It is worth thinking about the space you have available before picking a cot for your baby. It is advised that your little one sleeps in the same room as you for the initial six months, so if you are limited for space a cot will be a good choice than a cot bed. Here are few other considerations and features to consider when buying the best baby cot for your little one:

Adjustable Mattress heights:

Most cots have customizable height positions, so when your little one is young you can gain easy access to them. As your baby gets older and more mobile, you can drop the base down, so your baby can’t climb out of the cot.


A few cots come with under-bed storage, such as large pull-out drawers to store your little one’s things, which can be helpful if space is limited.

Teething rails:

These are plastic coverings that cover the rails and avoid damaging  your little one’s teeth (and cot!).

Drop-down sides:

As you change the base to a lower position, if you suffer from a bad back, a drop-side cot, where the sides slide or overlap down,  means you can lift your little one out with ease.

Travel beds:

Whether it’s a weekend away with your companion or a trip abroad, a travel cot is a bed your little one can sleep in when you are away from home. There are lightweight, tent-style or pop-up cots and more traditional and robust, collapsible travel cots, which are more hearty but heavier.

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