Choosing the right mattress for your little one will optimize the chances of you both getting a decent night’s sleep! The most secure place for your little one to sleep is in a crib, cot or cot bed in your room for the initial six months and a safe mattress should fit their bed with no gaps.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a mattress for your little one …


Getting the right size and shape of mattress is important so your little one cannot get their little limbs stuck around the sides. There should be no small gap around the edges or sides, wrap your child up easily, with any blankets no higher than around their shoulders.

Many cots are sold alongside mattresses designed specifically to fit the bed size. Your mattress will need to be at least 8 to 10cm deep to support your little one while he sleeps. Babylove Playpen Mattress Fitted Sheet is designed for Babylove’s playpen mattress and other similar size of mattress.


Ensure your mattress has good breathability to assist your little one to regulate their temperature since research has shown that overheating is related to an increased risk. A breathable mattress will permit any perspiration to wick away from your little one, so their mattresses stay dry.


There are many varieties of cot mattress available. Follow guidelines from BabyLove who advise that your little one’s mattress needs to be firm, flat and in a good condition, with no signs of rips or tears.

Organic:  Made from allergen-free natural materials, natural mattresses are good for babies where allergies are a concern. BabyLove organic mattress offer good support and be naturally anti-bacterial, and breathable. Some mattresses may not be removable for washing, so remember to clean these routinely by wiping them down or vacuuming them. Your choice will depend on quality, your personal choice and how long your plan to use your mattress.

BabyLove mattress is an ideal option for your little one’s. Order now for organic mattress, it is completely environmental-friendly and baby-friendly!

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