What is a Nursing Pillow?

The nursing pillow is important since the position in which you hold the baby and how you sit are critical to attaining a proper latch and also it is a tool that is specially designed to enhance the breastfeeding process.

Benefits Of Using a Nursing Pillow

 Reduced Body Pain: A few of the side effects of the nursing learning curve is an aching back and neck. This happens because you must bring your little one up to your chest during feeding time. Slouching or extreme bending is no longer necessary while using a feeding pillow.

Edge Over Conventional Pillows: A baby nursing pillow often comes equipped with latches to help fasten it to your body. Few have pockets which can be useful as breastfeeding reduces your mobility.

Improved Baby Position: Most feeding pillows come with a raised platform for the little one’s head. This not only helps in proper latching but also lessen reflux action.

Multi-Utility: A nursing cushion can be used for both tummy time and propping up your kid.

Fathers Can Use It: Who says the father can’t assist with raising the kids?  For those fathers who need to bottle feed their infants, a nursing pillow can be a great support.

Tips for Buying a Nursing Pillow

Size: Just like purchasing clothes, the nursing pillows are the ones that fit you comfortably. If they are too loose, they may slip and make it troublesome for the kid to latch. If they are too loose, they may slip and make it troublesome for the kid to latch. But if the pillow is too little, it may leave space between your thighs and the pillow and may slide down because of the little one’s weight.

Shape: They come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own benefits. For example, an ‘O’ shaped pillow is ideal for back support whereas a crescent-shaped pillow is ideal for baby head support.

Portability: Mommies in a hurry may not be comfortable carrying around a big pillow with them. In case you’re in a hurry, it could be beneficial to buy the smaller, portable models.

Stain resistance: infants are messy and getting a pillow that doesn’t wash easily is going to leave marks. Consider buying only those which are not difficult to wash.

Fabric constitution: Infants have sensitive skin so it’s ideal to stay away from synthetic material like polyester. Cotton is a healthy choice that can be used.

The nursing pillow is designed to enhance the breastfeeding experience by offering structural support as well as freeing the nursing mother’s hand. As there is a feeding pillow for each body type, you can try out a Babylove Premium Nursing Pillow

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